Saturday, June 20, 2009


The rest of the week went much better than the first day.  It was good when the graphic designer, Jenn, came back on Tuesday, because I can relate a lot better to what she does than what the web developer, Joe, does.  Here's my fancy nameplate:

And my awesome computer setup: (it is running windows on the right screen and mac on the left, but it's all running inside the mac computer)

My desk is huge!

And has fancy technology, like a Cisco phone.  The first time i missed a call I was very confused as to what to do.  I had to get the phone guy to train me.  Yeah, there's a tech guy just for phones.

This is the entrance from the lower level.  They originally called it the "basement", but it's really just level one and level 2.  Both have ground entrances.

My main task this week has been getting e-mail campaigns ready to send out.  I've worked on making the design compatible with Outlook 2007, so that they display correctly.  I also wrote a proposal for a change to the layout of the homepage, sorted out the files from the guy before me, and generally tried to understand how the company functions.  I can't say i'm excited to go back on Monday, but i'm not dreading it.

On Friday, I got to film the Friday morning meeting.  Every Friday our CEO talks to the entire company (all the Fort Wayne employees and the branch companies via teleconference) for 30 minutess in the morning.  It's cool to have a CEO that's very engaged.  He treats us like an equal, hates the title of CEO, his door is always open for suggestions, and he seems like a pretty relaxed guy.

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  1. Wow Ryan, this is like a real job you have! I guess you're really an adult now: living on your own with a grown up job and responsibilities... living almost in another time zone!
    I'm glad things are going so well. I'm really happy for you!