Friday, June 5, 2009

The Interview That Never Was

I still haven't met with Ash Brokerage.  Here's an update:

I woke up at 7am yesterday (EARLY for me) and got dressed in a suit.  I even made eggs and toast (i don't usually eat breakfast) and was all ready to go by 8.  I needed to leave at 8:15 to be there early for a 9:00 interview with the CEO and Executive VP.  Right as I was about to leave, I saw I had a voicemail from the HR manager.  She said the CEO and VP had a meeting with some visitors at 9:00, so I should come at 9:30.  I wished they had told me that the night before, because then I could have slept longer.  Anyways, no big deal, I just watched Conan, which I had missed the night before.

I got to Ash at 9:15 and the HR person met me.  She said while I was waiting, I could meet with the rest of the IT dept.  So I met some of the people I could potentially be working with, which is good.   Joe, the web developer who was giving me the tour, was told to have me back upstairs by 9:30.  So he did, and I sat.  Until 10:10, when the executive VP (Jason) came power walking over to me, extended a quick handshake and told me to have a seat.  HE apologized, but said the meeting with the "out of town guests" (potential big client?) was running over and he didn't want to waste my time.  He said he would call me that night to reschedule for tomorrow.  He never called.

So this morning I set an alarm for 8am to check for messages from them.  Nothing.  I called the HR manager and left her a voicemail.  No call back as of yet.  So here I am again, waiting anxiously when I could have been sleeping.  It's been 2 weeks since my in-person interview.  Can't they make a decision yet?  This is getting a little ridiculous.

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