Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dog Life

The name she came with is Judy, but we are going to change that.  We met her foster family and an adoption agent in the front lobby of Pet Smart.  She instantly warmed up to us.  We asked some questions, took her for a walk around the store and decided she was right for us.  She's very calm and loves people.  We paid $250 for her adoption fee and that was that.  They gave us a packet of info.  The we talked to a trainer at Pet Smart who gave us advice on food and treats to get for her.  They were very helpful.  And now, without further delay, more pictures!

In the car for the ride home from Pet Smart

She's a lap dog for sure!

All the years of practicing ear rubs with Morgan have paid off:

She LOVES being petted.  She will whine if you are sitting next her and not petting her.

She's a miniature Dachshund...tiny!  Bigger than a Chiwawa though.

Kelly is SO happy now.  Life is complete.

Yes, I know.  She's adorable.  Jealous?

We took her for a walk before we took her inside our apt.  Kelly had read that helps adopted dogs get aquatinted with their surroundings and realize they are in a new place.  We took her around the apt on her leash and then let her go and she seemed right at home.  Not timid at all.  It's nice to know that she came from a good home and wasn't abused or anything.  Deciding if she was allowed on the couch or not was easy...she hopped right up!  It's fine because she doesn't shed at all.  And our bed is too high so she can't get up on that unless we lift her up.

I took her on a longer walk later and found out we have a "dog park" in our apt complex.  It's a fenced in area of grass where you can take them off the leash and let them run.  There's also a bench, which had a ton of fur below it, so it must be a great place to groom them.  After that we RAN for a while.  For such a small dog, she's fast.  I was almost sprinting to keep up.  SHe finally fell asleep on the couch next to me, and likes to be close, with her body pressed against mine.

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