Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Collective Soul

So it turns out there is a great rock club that is less than 15 minutes away from our apartment.  Collective Soul was in town last night with Gavin Degraw.  Not only did I get to see a great show, but I went with 2 people from work too.  So it was a double bonus.  It could have been triple except Kelly had to work so it was just me.  But it was nice to hang out with people from work.

The club is called Piere's and it's actually the midwest's largest nightclub.  It has 4 other rooms - a dance club, a hip hop club, karaoke bar, and a sports bar.  The concert venue is in the middle of them all.  As far as the main room, think Brownies 23 East, but double the size room and about 5-6 bars.  Pretty cool place.  

Gavin Degraw was fairly boring.  He didn't play his 3 hits until the very end.  Those were great, but the rest of his music is fairly blah.  "In Love with a Girl" was amazing though.  His guitar play is outstanding.  Collective Soul rocked a lot more than I thought.  You tend to forget that they gained popularity out of the Grunge movement and it's only recently that they have embraced the pop sound.  "Shine" was my favorite of the night, and they played it fairly early on, which made me enjoy their set a lot.  Although, with 7 number one singles, they have a lot of hits to get the crowd going.  Pictures of Collective Soul are below (my Gavin pics didn't turn out well).

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  1. Woooo concert. I'm sad that I couldn't go though. NO. WAIT. I'm NOT sad... I'm ANGRY cause you didn't even invite me!

    Yeah... who am I kidding? We don't fight.