Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bedroom Pictures

Our bedroom:

I'm glad we got the King bed.  It fills the room and still leaves space on the sides:

My side:

Kelly's side:

View from the bed:

Our HUGE walk-in closet.  Enough to hold both of our clothes for all seasons.

Our second bedroom - come visit us! There's a place to stay!

My desk:

It has nice space to store stuff:

And my guitar amp fits right next to it.  I bought a table to fit over top so that my laptop can sit and dock into the computer monitor.  The amp is also all set up to record, so I'll i'd have to do is plug in the guitar and go.

This is closet #2.  Yes, it's also walk-in.  Pretty deluxe.  We have plenty of storage space, with room to spare.

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