Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving Day!

So here I am and this is how I plan on keeping everyone updated, at least for the first few weeks. I left Malvern at noon on Tuesday, got on the PA Turnpike at 12:30 after one last Wawa hoagie. From here out, I'll be eating subs.  I cleaned everything before I left - and I mean CLEANED - including steam cleaning the carpet of my room.  I left it in great condition:


The things left in my closet are mostly for Annabelle and Jackson (my niece and nephew)

And I cleaned the basement:

I made it to Ohio at 4:58

My Indiana sign picture came out blurry, so here's one from my trip out last week - taken at a rest stop on I-69:

I made it to Indiana at 8:30.  From there, it was only 45 mins to my apt and new home!  Here's a shot of the outside:

I unloaded all my boxes in less than half an hour by running up and down the stairs (we are on the 2nd floor).  Then I unpacked for an hour and got most of my boxes away before Kelly got home at 11.  From there, it was time to relax with some tv until bed.  Later tonight I'll update about what happened today.

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  1. I didn't recognize your room in the first photo. Wawa hoagies are good but the things I miss from PA are all junk food: 'unique spliz' pretzels, tastycakes (specifically the little pies), and those awesome cookies that come out in the fall in the orange box... what are they called?? also shoofly pie. no one makes that in NY