Saturday, June 13, 2009

Downtown Adventures

Friday night we headed downtown to the Tin Caps game.  Here's a shot of downtown from the 3rd story of a parking garage:

This is the entrance to Parkview Field (the stadium).  This is it's first season.  The team was around before that but they moved downtown and changed their name from the Wizards to the TinCaps.

Nice stadium.  Very modern - similar to the Phillies park.

Good attendance - over 7,000.  It only holds 8,100 total.

The TinCaps won 5-4 in 10 innings.  We actually left after the 6th inning because it was already 2 and a half hours into the game, and it didn't look like it was going to end anytime soon.  Good move - because it was a 4 hour game and didn't end until 11:10.  We caught the end on TV back at home.  We missed the post game fireworks, which I did see on TV, and they actually looked fairly decent.  Something to keep in mind - because they show them every Saturday after a home game.  We could go downtown and watch them without paying for the game.  A good night out - but even with tickets only costing $9 each, we spent another $30 on food and drinks - so it's not something to do every week or anything.

Maggie likes to lay on my lap as I'm trying to do things on my laptop.  Makes it hard to do any work on the couch.

On Saturday we went down to German Fest for the Wiener Dog Nationals. 

Yes, we took our Wiener Dog (can I just call her a Dachshund?), but she didn't race.  Maybe next year!

There were over 100 Dachshunds!  128 raced head to head in a massive tournament, March Madness style.

They raced in a fenced in area, from one handler to another.

First one to cross the finish line wins and moves on!

We stayed for an hour or so.  There was other stuff happening in the main tent for Germanfest (beer, food, music and polka, etc), but dogs weren't allowed in the main tent.  Maggie is a great dog - she was a little overwhelmed by so many dogs and people, but she never barked and didn't pull at her leash at all.

For dinner, we had quite the kerfuffle (mom, I put that word in just for you) with Pizza Hut.  More on that another time.

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