Monday, June 8, 2009


Just when i was thinking about joining the circus for all the hoops Ash Brokerage was making me jump through...I got a job offer!  Sort of.

Let's backtrack.

I went in on Friday for my rescheduled interview with the Executive VP.  I had anticipated more of a meet and greet because after interviewing with HR and the IT team, what more could they need to know?  Well the interview was intense!  He sat at a table across from me and was rapid fire with his questions.  And some of them were tough - why did you get into web design, have you applied to other companies, what do you know about Ash, why work for Ash, etc.  He set me up a bit too - asking what i thought of the current website.  I talked about the things I liked.  Without asking what I didn't like, he said "I hate it.  That's why we want to hire a web designer and not just someone to update it."  Great.  He asked me to write up a proposal of sorts - outlining what I would do to the website. 

I was supposed to get a login for the website on Friday (you can only see a few pages without it), but I didn't get the login until this morning.  So i put together a 3 page proposal in a few hours and sent it off.  A little afterwards, I got a call from my Kelly IT services rep that the VP thought I wasn't committed enough to the company and what they do.  Don't know why he got that idea.  I'm not particularly interested in insurance - but who is?  It's not like i'm selling insurance - i'm a web designer!

My rep asked me to write a letter to the VP expressing my interest in the company and the position.  I had already sent him a quick thank you with the proposal I wrote, but this was more thorough.  I sent it to Kelly IT to read and they liked it - told me to send it at 2:30.  Around 1:00, I was told to fill out an application on Ash's website to give them all my info.  I did that and told Kelly IT that I would send the letter shortly.

Then I got a call from Kelly IT that sending it was not necessary...they were ready to make an offer!  Finally!!

That was at 2:30 and I haven't heard from the HR rep from Ash yet, so it's not 100% official. Thus the sort of comment at the top.  For all intents and purposes, I'm employed - I just haven't been given the offer from HR.  So woo!  But more waiting until tomorrow i suppose.  However - I start Monday!

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