Friday, June 12, 2009

A Week of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates this week.  It has mainly been a result of actually getting stuff done, rather than just sitting around!  So here's a long update.

First of all, I told my mom she was wrong about something she had said and would find out on my blog: They DO have Sunoco in IN.  She had said before I left home "you'll have to get used to different gas stations.  They won't have Wawa or Sunoco."  Now, what are the odds of magically finding a Wawa???

I got my official offer letter from Ash and went in to sign some basic paperwork.  Then they gave me a form to take to the lab to get a drug test.  I got a keycard to the building and am officially employed!  I start Monday with signing tax forms and getting an orientation, then it's time to slave away 8-5, 5 days a week.  Anyone want to take bets on how long it will be until I'm complaining and wishing I still did all freelance?

Kelly had to go to bed early because she worked at 10 on Wed.  Her schedule is tough: 2pm-11pm on Mon and Tue; 10am - 6 pm on Wed; and 8am - 5pm on Thur and Fri.  Our schedules will be the same Thu and Fri.  Other than that, I'm not sure what our regular schedule will be for going to bed.  I tried to stay up and managed to stay up until 11:30, but Maggie was running in and out of the bedroom and kept waking Kelly up.  So I eventually gave up and went to bed. 

I had a coupon from Macy's for 20% off everything, so I figured I should buy some new clothes for work.  They let you wear polos for the IT dept.  SO i bought a bunch, at good prices.  I should be set for a while - I just might need new pants also.

I picked up the second night stand that I had ordered for our bedroom.  So now we have nightstands finally.  It looks good.  I need to take pictures of the whole place soon and post them.  We hung stuff up on the walls finally (we were debating what should go where) the apt is "finished".  It looks good and is starting to feel more "homey".

Ok - Arby's.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I used to have a love affair with Arbys.  Jess and I even drove over an hour one time to visit a particular Arbys that was "better than the rest".  BUt that was all for their chicken fingers.  Then they got rid of them in favor of popcorn chicken shakers.  Not good.  I boycotted and was deeply disappointed.  Flash forward to Wednesday...turns out Arby's has "Freebies" on Wed.  This week they were giving away the chicken club sandwich if you bought a drink.  I think it's new.  I stopped by a drive though and got one for 1.61 (price of a small drink).  It was good.  They even got the no tomato part right while being super busy.  Then, on my receipt, there is a coupon for a free Beef and Cheddar.  I'm still not 100% sold, but they did a good job at winning me back.  There are also 2 of them within 5 minutes, so it seems I might let Arbys back in my life.  In time...

I got my car registered in Indiana!

I went with the "In God We Trust" plate because the other one is kinda boring (blue and white).  At least this has the flag and some points of interest.  The plate itself is cheap.  PA has raised letters, this is flat, and not as thick.  I guess it makes no difference, I just found it easier.  It wasn't too much hassle to get once I had the correct form signed by my mom.

I did 2 loads of laundry.  Our washer and dryer and much nicer than the ones at home (well at least the dryer anyway...helps to not be from the 1980's).  But big surprise - it's still in the dryer and needs to be folded.  I guess old habits die hard with that one, Mom.

Here's the biggest surprise of all: I went to bed by 11, asleep by 11:30.  When's the last time that happened???

I got up at 7, took Maggie out, and stayed up.  Being up at 7 with 8 hours of sleep is odd for me.  I got a bunch of stuff done by 11, then took a break for lunch.  I finished the website I was working on (finally - still 2 more to finish by next week - and I start a full time job!)

I set up a new bank account.  It's ironic because the website to do online banking from my PA bank was down today.  Good time to switch I suppose.  My new account has lots of perks - including rewards points for using the debit card.  It's also the same bank Kelly has, which is nice so that we can make deposits for each other.  Oh and I get a credit card from them also (in addition to the debit card), so that takes care of that.

And that brings us up to right now.  Kelly and I are getting along just fine (it will be nice to have a weekend and see each other more).  The dog has made things more challenging at times, but overall it's nice to have her and she's pretty easy.  She's getting more comfortable with us as well and less clingy.

I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

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