Monday, August 3, 2009

Fort Wayne Zoo

We went to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo on Saturday, July 25th.  We felt a little silly at first because it was the "children's zoo", but whatever...animals are animals, right?  Now I've been to some pretty good zoo's - Washington DC, I wasn't expecting much.  Zoos kinda bored me.  An animal here, an animal there, I get the point.  But this was actually quite fun.

First stop, goat petting area.  The goat wanted to eat Kelly's map.

Then we headed over to Australia.  Here's a dingo, which as Kelly said, pretty much just looks like a dog.  It was sleeping but Kelly clapped her hands and it woke up.

Then a huge pack of Kangaroos.  You could walk through them on a path.

And get super close to them.  Have YOU been that close to a kangaroo?  They look funny when they run.

Here's a random monkey.

Then off to the Indonesian Rain Forrest.  This was a candid shot.  I love it.

On our way out of the rainforest, kelly rode a lizard/dragon.

The it was off to Africa!  It's the newest part of the zoo and there aren't "cages"'s just like being on a safari.  Obviously, there are fences, but it's pretty cool.  There's even a sky ride/ski lift type thing.  The view below is from the ride.

Then some cool animals...osterich


kelly feeding a giraffe!

I think giraffe's are cool. Africa.

Feeding time and animal butts

What did God do wrong with this animal?? How did natural selection not rule out this bird.  It's so freaking ugly, and even more in person.  Some sort of vulture?

On the way out, you enter the mist.  It's pretty sweet.

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