Tuesday, August 25, 2009


All my life I've lived with bugs. It's the norm. Growing up in the woods, it's just accepted - when you let the dog out at night, at least one giant bug is going to get in. When I moved to Indiana, I expected there to be less. Especially since we live upstairs. I assumed there would be no creepy things to craw across the basement floor or find on the walls of our house. And it's been that way.

But it's beyond just moving out of the woods. There are literally NO bugs here. So far this year, I've seen 2 bees. 2. Now I'm not hanging out in fields of flowers or anything, but still...there should be more. Occasionally, I'll encounter a swarm of gnats, but only in one localized spot. Once you walk past them, there aren't any. I've seen one fly. Only one. We get some small ants in the entryway of our apartment, but even that is slight. It's very strange.

The thing that really made me confused was the other night. It was cold out, so I had the porch door open. We don't have a screen door. It was dark outside and i had the lights on inside. One light was right by the door. ZERO bugs came through that door. No moths. No gnats. Nothing. I haven't even seen lightening bugs. How is that possible? We live surrounded by cornfields - wouldn't there be some bugs to come from that?

It's a different world that back in the Pennsylvania "forrest".


  1. Well, we have a fly in our apartment RIGHT now!

  2. Do they use pesticides on the farm crops around there? If so, they might have an impact on the insect population.