Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh, Eagles...Why?

Last night was a preseason football game between the Eagles and the Colts. Aka old home vs new home. Yes, Indy is 2 hours south, but this is Colts country for sure (even though we're only 3 hours from the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears). I told myself this matchup would determine which team I would root for in the season.

There was one time where the Eagles looked strong - a TD, a fumble recovery...but then they had to remind us all that they are the Philadelphia Eagles...and fumbled right back and started to get blown away.

This recap from ESPN says it all: "Philadelphia had six penalties accepted in each half. They squandered a scoring chance at the end of the first half by mismanaging the clock and failed to convert a fourth-and-1 in the third quarter."

Now to be fair, McNabb was pulled early, key players weren't there, and we were not playing our best. The question to me is...why not? Remember the 1993 Phillies team? They went to Spring Training and played as if it was the world series, and didn't stop the whole year. Why can't the Eagles do that?

Final score: 15-23 (though really 7-23...the last Eagles score was meaningless).

Still, I can't help but root for the Eagles. Knowing my luck, the one year I don't, they will win the superbowl. If they had won last night, I was going to wear my Eagles NFC champ shirt to work (it's casual Friday). I wonder how many of their games will be on tv out here?

And here's my solution to the conflict: Colts are in the AFC, Eagles in the NFC. I root for both, and that would make for one heck of a superbowl. In the end though...GO PHILLY!

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