Monday, July 13, 2009


Chick-Fil-A is all over the country, but it's not the same as it is here. In Fort Wayne, it's an experience. I've never had service like this at a fast food restaurant. The manager is out on the floor, usually by the door to say "come on in folks" or some variation. Sometimes they even have staff outside to greet you. They are fast at the register, so there is hardly ever a line to order, even though the place is packed.

It's usually pretty full at lunch time, so you'd think it might be hard to find a table. Not here. They have "Grandma" and "Grandpa" to find you a table. These seventy-something-year-olds will give you napkins, a straw, dipping sauces - anything you need, and if you don't have a table they will find you one. I even have seen them move tables with extra chairs in order to make a seat for someone. Last time, I saw the manager personally serve a family of 8 and see if there was anything else he could get them. Then, to my astonishment, he asked if they would like fresh ground pepper for their salad, and proceeded to grind it for them from a large pepper grinder. At a fast food restaurant?? I think there are sometimes 2 grandma's - this is the first I've seen Grandpa.

They also walk around and ask if you got everything you ordered, if you need anything, etc. They'll stop and chat with you and be friendly. Today "Grandpa" gave me a mint as i was finishing up my lunch and "Grandma" was walking around with free samples of a milkshake. All of this is during their busy times, when any other fast food restaurant would be dirty, loud, and hectic.

The store has its own website and here's a quote:
"We’re committed to providing Second Mile Service and we strive to exceed your expectations. Whether it’s the friendly greeting as you walk in, the hot food or the comfortable dining environment, we hope you will have a great experience at our restaurant.

Community is important to us and it is our hope that we can enrich the lives of all of our customers. We’ve enjoyed getting to know our guests and look forward to any opportunity to give back to this community who has so graciously supported us. The next time you’re in our restaurant, please introduce yourself. It would be our pleasure to meet you."

When I left today, the manager took the tray out of my hands and said "I'll take care of that. Do you want a refill on your drink?" Amazing.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm addicted to their food? So, so good.

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