Sunday, July 12, 2009

TV and Three Rivers Festival

On Friday Kelly had to work late and do the graphics for the news.  Normally she would direct the news Mon and Tue and do commercial production Wed, Thur, Fri.  On Wed - Fri she's normally home at 5.  So i took the opportunity to go see her at work!

For those of you who think all television stations are like the NBC studio on Rockefeller Center, you are sadly mistaken.  From the outside, Kelly's station looks like a dive.  It's tin siding with a beat up parking lot.  The building looks small and little more than a shack with a tower on top.

Inside, it's much nicer.  I think her old station was slightly nicer, but this one has its perks.  Here's Kelly working on an awesome graphic for Michael Jackson that unfortunately got cut from the show.

The switcher (aka the machine where you press the buttons to change the shots and fade the graphics in)

The audio board and the control monitor that shows all the shots and video sources that can be selected:

Kelly working hard! (This shot was not staged)

On Saturday morning, it rained hard - but by the afternoon it was really nice out.  This weekend and next weekend is the Three Rivers Festival.  It's the biggest festival in Fort Wayne and I think it might be the biggest in Indiana.  They closed Main Street for the "Chalk Walk".  People could reserve an 8'x8' square and draw pretty much anything.  It's sponsored by the Art Museum and some of them are really good!

This one was done by Jenn, the graphic designer from work, and some of her friends.

It's all based downtown around the same park as Germanfest and all the other festivals have been - except this festival is much larger and connects all through downtown.  We hadn't been to this park before, which has a nice fountain and backs up to the art museum.  The white tents in the background are local art vendors.  There were hundreds of the tents all over the festival.

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  1. Wow, looks fun. Maybe I should come visit you sometime!