Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Activities

We did a lot for one weekend. This is the last weekend where we have nothing going on until mid-december. It was 65 degrees and sunny, so we took advantage of it with outdoor time!

Saturday I was up early and at church at 8:30 to volunteer for the "Day of Caring" where our church sends multiple groups into the community to do service work - painting, yard raking, etc. I was supposed to go with the senior high youth, but they ended up getting pulled into various other projects. So instead I helped the youth director do the work. I guess youth ministry is pretty universal - no matter how well you plan, it's still hard to get youth to commit and show up to things. Especially at 8am.

I was home around noon and watched Casino Royal while Kelly was out shopping. She bought a new digital thermostat. Our old one was terrible - very inaccurate. The new one only cost $25 and was very easy to install. We didn't get electrocuted! And now we have total control and programable temps by time and all that fun stuff. Sweet.

We took Maggie for a 2.5 mile walk around the path at the YMCA, which is across the street from our house. It's very nice now because it used to be mostly gravel, but they recently paved the entire path. Great fall scenery as the farmers were out harvesting the corn from the fields. Maggie was very happy (and tired) afterwards.

After that we began the process of couch shopping. We tried 2 stores and tested a lot of couches. We aren't sure what exactly we are looking for. Something super soft and comfortable, but firm enough that you can get up and sit to eat on it. So it could be a long process until we find the perfect fit.

We went out to dinner Saturday night and then grocery shopping. We got a movie, but by that point we were too tired to watch it, so we just watched some tv and went to bed.

It almost hit 70 today! We went to church, came home and ate lunch, then continued our couch shopping. Tried 2 different stores and sat on probably 100+ couches, but are still totally indecisive. After that, we went for a 10-mile bike ride along the river. Kelly drove out to the far end of one spur, where she has ridden before. I liked it much better than the other spots I've walked/ridden. It had a clear view of the river and the path wound was covered by trees. Very nice. I was wearing shorts in November! And since we are going to Hawaii in December, I'll be wearing shorts in Dec. too. Sweet!

After all that we came home, made dinner, cleaned our apartment, and now it's time for tv...


  1. What a great weekend! Good luck on your search for a couch.

  2. You're going to Hawaii??
    aunt Karen

  3. Very productive weekend. I know Kelly hates it when I say productive. Good luck with the couch search, it can take a long time.