Friday, October 23, 2009

Web Designer?

I may need to get my title changed from web designer to multimedia designer or something... Here's my latest work for Ash.
Testimonial Video:
This is what I shot in Arizona. It's now all edited and live on the Ash Website. I got direct compliments from the CEO, Co-president, and VP:
It's all built in flash. All together I think it was about 22 hours of work. I recorded the voice over at home using the condenser mic LF used as the vocal mic. I still hate the sound of my voice. There are several sections. If you only watch one, watch "production tools". That one's the most elaborate. And "departments" is interactive. I also designed the Intranet that it is featuring, which will launch next week. You'll see pictures of the old intranet in all its ugliness during the tutorial.


  1. Very nice. All totally re-oraganized in a logical fashion. A true "Ryan" job like many others I know of in the businesses you have touched (and our house!)

  2. Impressive! I like your voice.

  3. It's great to see what you're working on. The tutorials are easy to understand and easy to listen to - as opposed to most tutorials that are torturous to get through. The web site looks fabulous and is an amazing improvement.